The Melbourne Youth Chorale rehearses each Wednesday of the school term.  At MYC we believe that every child deserves the gift of music.  Our choir rehearsals and literacy program are free for any child to join.  See the FAQs below:

Q. Does my child need to know how to sing before joining?

A. No previous singing experience is necessary.  We believe that every child can learn to sing.

Q. Does my child need to audition?

A. No auditions.  If your child enrols in MYC, they will be allocated to a choir group according to their age and ability.

Q. What if my child has special needs?

A. We are an inclusive community choir and we want singing lessons to be available for every child.  You can contact us at to arrange a confidential interview so that we can determine what assistance can be organised to help to integrate your child.

Q. What fees or costs will I need to pay?

A.  MYC’s teaching program is free.  The MYC board of management are volunteers who work very hard to raise money via sponsorships, grants and donations to cover the choir’s operating costs.  Choir related expenses might include, a rehearsal shirt and hoodie, transport to choir events and non-compulsory membership fees.


MYC is an incorporated association run by a voluntary Board of Management.

To become a voting member of MYC’s Association, persons are invited to apply for membership by completing a membership application form and paying $10 joining fee.  The membership fee is reviewed at each Annual General Meeting.  

New and existing members will receive an emailed invitation from CareMonkey (MYC’s enrolment database) to renew their membership each year in March.

MYC’s no fee policy

MYC believes that “all children deserve the gift of music”.  To ensure that there are no barriers to participation, we have scrapped tuition fees. Families are free to enrol their children in MYC’s choral rehearsal program – no joining fees and no tuition fees. 

For identity and belonging, MYC choristers wear a rehearsal shirt (and hoodie in cooler months).  This is purchased by the chorister.  We have second hand and discounted uniform items available.  Please ask Monica for more information.

For 34 years, MYC has been managed by volunteers and has paid a team of professional music teachers to provide a rigorous rehearsal program each week of the school term.  Prior to 2018, tuition fees were used to cover all operational costs of rehearsals.   Despite our best efforts to keep these fees to a minimum, we knew that many families in the Casey region were struggling to pay fees – which prevented their children from joining the choir.

Please use the button below to begin your application to join Melbourne Youth Chorale. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: WE USE THE OWNA PLATFORM TO MANAGE ENROLMENTS. Here are their privacy or security policies. Please don’t hesitate to contact MYC if you have any concerns.