Thanks so much for the effort you put into bringing your kids along to rehearsal each week – your commitment is appreciated. I thought that now that we’re settled into the term, it might be a good time to talk about other ways you could support MYC. All roles are Volunteer.

  • Parent supervisors – we REALLY want parent supervisors at rehearsal to keep an eye on kids who need to come out of rehearsal for any reason, and to check there are not strangers wandering in and things like that. The roster is here
  • Make your Term 3 donations at HUGE thanks for the donations so far this year, particularly where it’s predictably coming in regularly. Monthly donations are gold for our cashflow and forecasting.
  • Bronze Book – we’re so excited to have completed the brand new Bronze Musicianship Curriculum – well done Caitlyn! if you have a choristers in Dunlop or Jones working through the Bronze Book, please purchase their Bronze Book at
  • MYC’s Board needs a Secretary and a Treasurer. We are legally required to have these roles filled – and also the Board is a really cool, motivated and dynamic team to work with. Get on Board!
  • Social Media Manager, Rehearsal Supervisor, Enrolments Officer – if you are interested in any of these roles please ask me for a job description.